The challenge

These unmanaged wilding trees threaten productive farmland and native ecosystems in the Mid Dome area

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Our mission

Mid Dome’s mountainous scenery, conservation reserves and high value pastoral lands shall be restored to preserve and protect Southland’s economy and natural beauty

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Funding, collaboration and action are all needed to help achieve our mission

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About us

The goal of the Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust is to protect the ecological, economic, landscape and recreational values of over 100,000 ha of iconic southern high country pastoral and tussock grassland in northern Southland. The Trust will achieve this by controlling wilding pines from the Mid Dome area, then handing over the control of any wilding re-growth to landowners.

This project has local, regional and national significance. It is helping to protect areas and species of national and international importance. To the east of Mid Dome are the Waikaia Conservation area and the Garvie Mountains, which contain nationally significant geological features and ecosystems. This area contains internationally recognised pattern mires (string bogs) and a range of intact alpine plant communities.

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